A Conversation

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“Well,” says one side of Ann, staring pointedly at the computer screen. “What happened to posting weekly?”

Another side of Ann sighs. “We’ve been busy. New house. New cat. New puppy. Among other things. It’s not like we don’t write any posts. They’re just not published.”

“What good are those ‘posts’, then?” Scorn seeps between each word. “Visitors only know what’s published.”

“They’ll live. The posts aren’t worthy of reading anyway. Not yet.”

“We’re having that problem quite a bit lately. Nothing is good enough to be seen by someone else. Confidence issues?”

A glare cuts across the vast internal space of Ann’s noggin. “Time issues. We don’t have time to edit. To check for relevancy and flow. Why post potential cr**?”

“Face it. Everything’s potential cr**. It’s all a matter of opinion, anyway.”

“You want my opinion?”

“Is that–”

The second side of Ann waves a hand into inky blackness. “I think we should learn how to create suspense.  Give visitors the expectation of a new post, but not the knowledge of when it will come.”

“I don’t think–”

“Yeah. That’s what we’ll do. Now be quiet. There’s books to be packed.”


2 thoughts on “A Conversation”

  1. So funny, yet this conversation seems too familiar. I have sub-folders under WordPress: Published and Not Published. When I’m pressed for something to blog, I’m always hopeful that something in the Not Published folder will do … alas, none of them are finished. Most are just the basic idea for a post, and a few are just the title only! 😦

    1. Your comment reminded me to duplicate my posts. I write in WordPress and forget to print, or copy and paste, the post. I’ve kept copies of only images, which aren’t what I’d miss most if I couldn’t access my blog. Thank you, Linda.

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