Drifting Through NaNoEdMo 2009

On the river - Click for sourceEleven days into NaNoEdMo, I’m ready to give up reaching the goal of fifty hours of editing one novel.

In this last week, my husband and I decided to start house hunting. I’ve been reviewing credit reports, disputing credit records, talking to real estate agents and a mortgage lender, looking at houses, and gathering financial information into a packet for a loan application.

On top of that, we’re continuing to gather information and make plans for our own taekwondo (also known as Korean karate) school, and I’m working extra hours at the job that pays me regularly. ‘Cause that’s really important.

I’m not past ten hours of editing Odal’s Story (working title). The good news is the story is improving. In addition to line edits (correcting spelling, fixing grammar, etc.), I’ve started smoothing character arcs and filling in plot holes.

As for the rest of the list I posted last week? I’ve:

  • Spent a couple hours on the pacing of my sci-fi short story titled “Odd Jobs”.
  • Starting reading the piece of my grandfather’s memoirs he asked me to edit.
  • Ignored The Elements of Style, 4th ed. and the audio cassettes of The Hero With a Thousand Faces that are sitting in my on-loan basket. Finishing these are near the bottom of my to-do list. Okay, this may be at the bottom. Scrubbing the bathtub is more important.
  • Read the first two pages of The Left Hand of Darkness. I’m expecting a good read when I can spend more than a few minutes of quality time with the book.

Best of luck in the endeavors of whoever reads this post. I’m off to edit my novel.