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I’ll let you in on a secret. One reason I like owning a blog is I can save blog links without adding to my already lengthy Bookmarks and Favorites lists. I use both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as browsers, so I keep different links in each browser. Not surprisingly, I forget where to look for specific links sometimes.

However, I won’t forget the links of blogs by science fiction and fantasy authors I know… once I save them all to my Blogroll. Here’s information on those I currently have.

Eric James Stone -Eric James Stone is an award-winning short story author. On his blog, he posts about his published work and signings, as well as political comments.

Filling the Well – Expect surprises from Carrie Vaughn’s journal, which includes posts about her writing life and non-writing activities; reviews of music, movies, and books; comments about headline news; etc. If you don’t know, Carrie is the bestselling author of the Kitty novels and more than 30  short stories. She’s also a superhero, but you didn’t learn that from me.

Honuio’s Blog – Honuio (aka Mark Keigley) is a brand new author who also specializes in short stories. His blog has introduced his life and stories.

The Land of Wind and Ghoststchernabyelo (aka Brian Dolton) is a short story author who will someday sell one of the novels he’s started. On his journal, you can read about his writing and general life as well as view some of his stunning photos of nature.

windupstories.com – Paolo Bacigalupi isn’t a frequent or regular poster, which becomes an issue only after you’ve read the free, full versions of some of his stories, available from his blog. I will warn you: Paolo is good at building disturbing worlds.

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Before drafting this post, I hadn’t realized how much personal information typically goes on authors’ blogs.

Here’s my personal story for the day. On the way home from the grocery store yesterday, I saw a gorgeous dog, an Inu, running in and out of the road. He was dodging cars as if playing. I’ve seen enough animals hit by cars to cover me for the rest of my life, so I convinced my husband to pull over. I watched our car, the street, and the half-hearted (or half-brained?) attempts by the dog’s owners to get their Inu to stop.

My husband herded the Inu to a side road, where he captured him. Upon the Inu’s return, the owners were told of a training program at the local Humane Society. Here’s the surprising part: The owners didn’t seem to care.

People, if you are responsible for a dog, then act responsible. Decent people don’t like to see a pet lying dead on the side of the road–or worse, to be the driver who hits an animal. I’m lucky my groceries weren’t spoiled by the time we got home.


2 thoughts on “About My Blogroll”

  1. I’ve just discovered this post through one of my occasional ego-Googlings.

    It’s very flattering but I don’t THINK I’m award-winning yet (nice though that would be).

    I’m really glad you have faith that I’ll sell a novel, though! 🙂

  2. Good to see you here!

    I don’t remember why I thought you’d won an award, so I modified the post. If you remember a writing award you’ve won, let me know, ‘kay?

    With your experience selling short stories, I see no reason you can’t write a novel worth buying. If I remember correctly–no guarantees–OSC once explained that a good novel can be written as a series of short stories.

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