Getting to Know Werewolves

Gray werewolf, standing uprightWerewolves–creatures that are part human and part wolf–aren’t as popular as vampires and other monsters. I’ve heard and seen this mentioned repeatedly. After researching for this post, I wonder if they’re simply less memorable.

Werewolves are everywhere, even when they aren’t noticed.

In a 1995 article called “The New Improved Beast,” Allen Varney furnished a werewolf history with a list of nonfiction, fiction, movies, comics, and games about werewolves. You can read the article on Varney’s website.

A more complete list of movies and TV shows that include at least one werewolf is in the searchable database at doesn’t yet have useful information on the werewolf movie currently in theaters nor the upcoming Fox series, but you can see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans for yourself and stick to news about the Sex in the City wannabe, Bitches.

Is Bitches a good idea? Maybe and maybe not. Fox’s purchase does show a strong interest in werewolves among Americans.

Werewolves appear in more than movies and TV shows, of course. Though offers a list of werewolf books, it’s tiny compared to what’s really out there. A better source for werewolf fiction is Wikipedia, which is frequently updated. (I added to Wikipedia’s Werewolf Fiction yesterday, actually.)

If you have no problem with finding fictional works on your own, thank you very much, then maybe you’d still like Werewolves: The Myths & The Truths, a website that impressed me with the compilation of stories and history that have endured for centuries.

Not bad for an unpopular creature, huh?

~ ~ ~

This post was written in honor of two of Carrie Vaughn‘s latest novels. Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand was officially released a week ago, and Kitty Raises Hell is due out February 24, 2009. These are books 5 and 6 of a wonderful series about a werewolf radio DJ named Kitty Norville.

I strongly recommend the Kitty series, which changed how I viewed these fantasy creatures. The first book is Kitty and the Midnight Hour.